Glitz and Glam: The Golden Globes

A weekend at the Bev Hilton for the Golden Globes? Yes, I am a lucky girl. Working the red carpet, mingling with the brightest stars in Hollywood, making out with George Clooney... waiiit.. oops! Ok, ok, so I wasn't sitting there downing champagne and explaining to Courtney why we really do need to work together, but I really couldn't feel any luckier to be a part of the whole Golden Globe experience!

The red carpet for E! was super fab. I love live TV, and sometimes you just get super lucky to work with brilliant people. Luckily for me.. this seems to just keep happening.

When we go live- anything can happen. It's controlled madness, and I love it! There's such a great energy, plus it's a red carpet so there are beautiful people all around!! Sunday was a little soggy on the carpet, but all the glamorous celebs seemed to have a great attitude and thoroughly enjoy themselves!

As always- it was a fabulous night for fashion! I brushed shoulders with some incredible gorgeous women, and some ridiculously good looking men! I can't put all my loves on here, so I chose three women who I think hit the globes looking absolutely stunning:
Jennifer Aniston can really do no wrong in my book. And at the globes, she proved that simple black can be the most dramatic, sexy look!

Valentino gown plus Versace shoes equals hot hot hot.

Seriously, I think this is the best I've ever seen Toni Collette look. Her Elie Saab dress is absolutely amazing! Love the color- love the sparkles- loove the whole red carpet look.

A def winning look for a proud globe "Best Actress" winner. Congrats Toni!

Presenting my final fave look of the night: Christina Aguilera in Versace. This one is a serious serious winner for me. I loove the coloring, and cut.. yes yes yes EVERYTHING works!


Can't wait for the rest of awards season! xx

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