I need:

I am having serious withdrawls!!
There are soo many things out there that I tots adore and I want to wear them!!

But for now.. I will satisfy myself with window shopping and paying my rent. ugh!!


eew or whoo?!!

Ok, I totally support fancy nails and funky designs.. but this just might be a little too much for a fashion statement.They're funny.. but just a little eww for me. Plus.. it just makes me think they're gonna start rocking the bacon and eggs scented lotion, and that makes me gag.

Umm.. and these... sell out much? Soda nails. What?? and not only that- hooker length soda nails. These are definitely EW.

Stick with the Katy Perry funky designs, a sexy cute polish, or just rock the natural- and then you'll be a total Whoo!

yaaa T SWIFT!!!

I think this picture pretty much says it all.

Taylor Swift's dreams came true at the CMA's when she won all 4 awards she was up for- including ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR!!!!

Miss Swift is the youngest person to ever win this honor- and she was soo stoked!! "All I could think about was the fact that all my life, the entertainer of the year award was always such an unattainable thing, an unattainable dream. Then there I was walking up to the stage and it was happening. It took a while for it to sink in."

Taylor has pretty much had the best week ever: Hosting and performing on SNL, wins at the BMI awards, and sweeping the CMA's- does life get much better?

"It has been the most exciting week of my life so far... Being on 'Saturday Night Live' was like being part of this amazing tradition.... Then to come home to Nashville and have this -- I honestly don’t know what to say."

xo love you TSwift!

Hosts with the mosts

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards host announcement was made today.. and I think they did a fantastic job choosing!

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will be co-hosting this years golden gala, and seriously, I can't wait!

I loved them together on 30 Rock (best show everrr) and Ithink they're going to be hilarious at the Oscars!

dress up my gams

Fall fall fall. I'm loving the options that are out to keep my wardrobe fesh and fun for cooler weather!

sequin tights: obsessed!! They're wild and fun and perfect for the holidays!! get them at nasty gal

I'm kind of loving these yellow tights!! These will definitely add some funk to my outfit!! Get them here, and then browse the site for other crazy tight designs!!

Fringe tights! subtle sass to kick it up a notch! (on sale at nasty gal! yay!)

omg I want. I need.

Totally Killer. These Camilla Skovgaard Leather cutout sandals are to. die. for. Seriously. They would make any blah jean and tee outfit instantly ah-mazing.
Yes. They are catapulting to my number 1 spot on my wishlist!

I want to raid her closet: VB

Ok, so I know Ms Beckham has a billion massive closets.. but seriously, I would be such a happy girl if I could raid even just one! Let's say- her shoes! OBSESSION: Christian Louboutin Maggie pumps. I'm seriously loving the sexy suede shoes with gold chainmail toe. VB was looking hott at the Lakers game on Friday- the whole ensemble tots worked: dVb jeans, a black Rick Owens vest top, and the hot hot Louboutin heels.

Love love love.