A Taste of the AMA's

The American Music Awards showcase a huge amount of talent.. and some pretty fantastic red carpet looks! Musicians (and other celebs) are out to celebrate a great year of music, but it all starts with the crazy red carpet.

I love that people are really bold when they work it at the AMA's. They def play up the fun/sexy vibe of this show and have a great time as they walk the royal walk.

Now- an outrageous look is not always critic friendly (Ke$ha/Nikki Minaj) but hey.. this show is definitely the one to have a blast at!

Here are a couple of my faves from the night:

Miley looks AMA-ZING. (ha! see that? I'm brilliant) Her Marchesa is a perfect amount of class and sass. I'm obsessed!

I'm kind of loving seeing Taylor with a new look. I think it's fun and fresh! Might want to get the girl a burger tho.

Now the girls weren't the only ones looking fine on the red carpet! I think Ryan Kwanten's laid back style is super sexy, and it's just enough polish for a red carpet!