Summer loving

There's not much I love more than a beach day. Sunshine, waves, sand. It's perfection. But I have to protect my fair skin from the sun - Sunburns, sun damage... no thanks! So I was tremendously excited to try out Coppertone Clearly Sheer sunscreen products just in time for summer beach days!

Over Memorial day weekend I hustled over to Santa Monica Beach {along with everyone else in the city} to soak up some rays and splash in the waves. I brought along my Coppertone SPF 50 spray. The formula sprayed on easy and lasted through my frolicking in the ocean, getting covered in sand, and passing out on my towel. Success! I walked away with just a nice golden glow - the perfect way to kick off summer!

Whoever invented the spray-on sunscreen is a genius. It's so simple, you can reach the hard to get places {hello, middle of my back! There's always that area that you struggle with if you don't have some helping hands to spread lotion} and it dries quick leaving you ready to lounge in the sun and splash in the waves. 

These Coppertone Clearly Sheer sunscreen products are great - they feel light but still have you covered. I don't like that greasy feeling, and was thrilled that these products kept me protected but I couldn't feel the reside on my skin.

Looking forward to a summer of sun! And I'll definitely be keeping these in my beach bag!


**I got this product free to try via #BzzAgent #GotItFree**


I tried out the new Bare Minerals products today and I'm absolutely loving the look! The powder enhances my face to give me a perfect summer glow, and the lipstick is a sexy splash of color and a great consistency. 

Go bare!
Foundation: Matte family light / Flawless face brush
Concealer: Stroke of light #2
Cheeks: Warmth / the aphrodisiac blush
Lips: Moxi Lipstick on Light It Up


Crushing on: Reiss

Reiss is one of those lines that I look through the website and suddenly have like 30 different things I want to add to my wardrobe stat! I love the eclectic array of looks - sheer pastel tops to structured cage heels! Below find just the tip of my wishlist iceberg!


YSL Heaven

Saint Laurent fka YSL is one of my favorite brands. I was so thrilled when I snagged a sexy pair of sky high red pumps at the Decades Shoe sale! Can't wait to add more Saint Laurent Paris to my collection!

Crushing on: Tinley Road

I stumbled upon Tinley Road as I was perusing the addictive Piperlime site, and immediately started a big long wish list (err.. shopping list!!) It's chic and dignified, young and fun, and a fantastic price point! I love that it has everything from laid back dresses to hot structured blazers.. Flashy jewelry, cute bags, and outfits perfect for a night on the town, or a day of lounging at the beach. Ah, summer!

Crushing on: tinley road

1.  Button Detail Blouse $49 / 2. Tweed Jacket $89 / 3. Rhinestone Paisley Earrings $12 (sale!)  / 4. Linen Jacket $70 / 5. Snake Embossed Cuff $34 / 6. Tinley Road Vegan leather shorts $69 / 7. Friendship bracelet / 8. Tinley Road Kiki $54 (sale!)



I've been obsessing over Sri Lanka lately and trying to figure out how I can honeymoon in this amazing and exotic location! So my heart skipped a beat when I saw that BeachTomato and Jack Wills are giving a lucky winner a week in Sri Lanka! It's meant to be!!

Fingers crossed that my recreation of Jack Wills' Spring/Summer lookbook wow's them so the hubs and I can get away to this incredible country! #Honeymoon in Paradise!

Also - side note. I am now seriously crushing on all things Jack Wills. Have you checked out how cute their clothes are? I need some British fabulousness in my life! Definitely starting my wishlist... so keep an eye out for that on my blog!


Destination: Maldives

It's no secret that I can't get enough sand, waves and sunshine! Almost every destination at the top of my dream list has some sort of delicious beach involved.

Coco Island by Momo in the Maldives is absolutely breathtaking. I can't even comprehend how stunning and delightful a week (or two? three? forever?) would be lounging on the white sand, splashing in the insanely blue water, and living in paradise in the middle of the ocean. Take.Me.There!

Photos are from Tablet, my travel obsession website. Check out the Maldives trip... but be careful, you'll want to go stat and then realize there are ten other trips you also need to jet off on. Thank you Tablet!!