dear weekend,

I love you.

Sleeping late.
Relaxing and watching movies (Season 1 of the OC perhaps.. love you Seth)
Exercising (Thank you Bikram Yoga for making my whole body hurt. yay?)
Good friends (shoes fights? oh jesus ha!)
Delish food.. yum drinks...

Somehow, weekends are always better with the boyf. Come home quick.xx

oh wow

So clearly just walking down the runway in sky high heels wasn't enough of a challenge- Martin Margiela added blindfolds to the Fall 2010 Maison Martin Margiela Couture show.. yikes!!

props to those fierce models. xx

creepy hott

these shoes are wild. Is it just me or do her legs look scary long?
I guess skinnytwig+crazyshoes=whoa.


...sitting shoes...


I'm beyond lucky with the people in my life.

I have amazing people spread across North America.. which is awesome.. until I want to see them! Being far away from these bright lights is a total bummer.

It's funny how people can grow up, and even though we may be so far away from our initial connection, we still have this incredible friendship. Missing my ya-ya's. Thanks for always being beautiful, strong, outstanding woman. I am so fortunate to have y'al in my life!!

ps. dear airlines, please fly me where I want to go for free. yours truly, s

vaca please

I'm seriously craving an exotic get-a-way. I want to see the wild/stunning/unexpected.

Location Wishlist:
Pigeon Point, Tobago
Sandy Island, Anguilla
Virgin Islands
my list could go on and on...
x happy travel dreaming