One of the fun things about planning a wedding is getting the chance to register for gifts! I've always thought walking around a store with a laser gun thingy and picking out things to get would be fun... Now that I'm actually able to register, I'm getting a little bit overwhelmed! What to get, what to get!
What do you put on your list?



Golden Globes

I'm so lucky that I got to join E! again this year for another wildly delightful Golden Globes! It was a long, cold weekend but full of fantastic live television and great people! Hope you caught all the Red Carpet madness on E! AND how awesome were Amy and Tina? I thought the show show was so fun!

On the red carpet - GG2013

High above the red carpet at the Beverly Hilton

Back in my intern days.. my first GG :)

Casual Chic

Take Note

I loove those heels! So fantastic! I started with them when creating this outfit, and I love the casual/chic vibe. Happy weekend!


The Stella Artois Chalice campaign has been really fun to Bzz about! It's been interesting experiment to drink beer from it's "proper" glass and see the difference! 
The biggest difference my hubs and I noticed was really just in how we felt - it's a classier way to enjoy an ice cold beer, and I think it slows you down (sipping versus chugging, perhaps?!)
Cold and refreshing! 

Umm, bottle beer? No thank you! I'll take my Stella in my Chalice!

All photo's by Andrew Bick
Chalice was given to me to test out as part of the BzzAgent campaign

Fashion Files: People's Choice

I love award season! It always brings back such fond memories of my days at E! annnd I get to join the awesome team there for weekend madness! Hard to believe the Globes are coming up so fast! I'm excited for all the glitz and glam at the Beverly Hilton!

But before then.. let's talk People's Choice Awards fashion!

I have such a girl crush on Kaley Cuoco.. and the hostess looked divine last night in Christian Siriano!

Emma Watson is pixie perfect in her unique Peter Pilotto dress. 

I'm obsessed with the color of Casey Wilson's Catherine Deane dress and the nude Jerome C. Rousseau heels are the perfect finishing touch! Gorgeous!

Naomi Watts looking super glam look in her gorgeous gold and black Alexander McQueen dress.

We're just getting started!

*All photo's from the wonderful JustJared!

On our way to happily ever after!

I'm so so excited about marrying my sweet, talented, adorable and wonderful hubster! Ah, get ready wedding world - I'm coming atcha. ((photo credit: Preston Perkins))


Travel Tuesday

I have a big long list of travel destinations that I need to get to.. but one of my most recent additions is Trinidad! We have some friends who grew up there and I can't wait for them to show us around to all the secret local hot spots! 

Putting pennies in my piggy bank so I can make this happen!
Look like paradise? That's because I'm pretty sure it is!

*Image from the lovely blog, SpiceOfYourLife

Wishlist: Outfit

I luck out with LA winters - a little crispness in the air, but we still have blue skies and sunshine! Ah!
I think this is a perfect winter outfit - I'd wear it to work and then out on the town for drinks!

Winter in LA



I love being a BzzAgent because I get to try out all these fun products when they send me samples and give my opinion! Amazing!!
Also... Have I mentioned I have a big reason why I am even more excited about this campaign than normal? Let's just say, I'm showing my fingers off these days ;)

Have you ever tried Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream? 
I'm super excited to test it out. Bring it on, smoothness!

bring it on

Happy 2013!
This is going to be a magical year! I'm so excited for the wild and crazy adventure :)

Salad Mania

It's about time to try my Salad Additions! Look for a review coming soon!

"Bring the lettuce, we'll dress it up"
Coupons c/o BzzAgent