working hard for the money

Hard to believe it's the last day of work before heading out on holiday vacation (yum!!). It's been quite the Revenge season so far (and we're only a little over half way through!!). A quick look back on S2 snaps.. and don't forget, you can catch up on any episodes you've missed this season over the holidays! Sit back, relax, and Revenge!

A lovely gift from our lovely writers!!

Rolling at Grayson Global *love those flowers!

Stowaway exterior down at the marina

Careful.. these docks can be dangerous!

Shooting ep213 on a windy cold day at the marina!

Barry Sloane and Emily Van Camp on set

Table read for episode 205

Gorgeous costumes (that I want want want!)

Season 1 on DVD!!

We're back! Grayson manor table read for ep202!
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